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A Guide to Hotels in Sorsogon

June 8, 2009

The many lovely hotels in Sorsogon, Philippines adds to the excitement and lure of going to this province, as these places help make your vacation even more enticing. If you are thinking about spending some time here, these are just some of the many hotels you can reside in.

Munting Paraiso Beach Resort is at Barangay J. Gerona at Bulan, a small municipality. Its rates are affordable and vary depending on the room you choose (they are classified as Oval, Rizal and Apartment House) and there are the basic amenities like comfort rooms, water and electricity. There is also a function hall where you can hold gatherings, meetings or even parties. The rate for the function room is also reasonable.

Another one of the better hotels in Sorsogon, Philippines is Fernando’s Hotel. This is at Barangay Bitan-O, specifically along N. Pareja St. The room prices here start at Php 1,200 for the Standard, while the top of the line, called Mabuhay Rooms, cost Php 3,200. There is a cable ready TV and a refrigerator. Another one of the reasons why this place is well known are its excellent tour packages. Staying here gives you the chance to visit tourist attractions like the Bulusan Volcano, then go on an Eco Tour of the city, and of course, go Whale Shark watching.

If you are near the Plaza in Sorsogon City, you only need to go off the main road and you will see the Villa Kasanggayahan Pensione. This is one of the cheaper hotels in Sorsogon, Philippines, but it does come with basic accommodations including air conditioned rooms, TV with cable, and showers that have hot and cold shower capabilities.

At Gubat in Rizal is Rizal Beach Resort. The rates here are low and yet they have several services and facilities for their guests, among them its airport transfer and there is also catering. There are also several cottages in the area, with different rates and you also get to see the lovely sites around with tour packages.

Also near Rizal Beach is the Veramaris Resort. Costing only Php 1,080 for the regular rooms and Php 1,700 for the higher class types, they all come with cable TV and air conditioning. Being located near the beach, it also has lovely views of he sands and the skies around. Also this makes swimming even easier to do as you need not travel far.

The Mercedes Country Lodge can be found along the V.L. Peralta and Rizal St. (this is in Barangay Talisay). One of the more affordable hotels in Sorsogon, Philippines, the rooms here are varied, with Budget Rooms, Standard, Deluxe and Superior, the cheapest only Php 400. Guests here can enjoy the entertainment at Vic’s karaoke Place and the Green Lamp Bar. The Rice Paddy Restaurant offers great food as does Shepherd’s Hut Billiards and Café.

The many hotels in Sorsogon, Philippines are varied, from their amenities to their rates. Because of the varied selection tourists will have a simpler time choosing which one that fits their budget.